Sigma Chi Delta Xi - SDSU

Frat Food has been working for Sigma Chi Delta Xi for two years. The company is very organized and adheres to all the needs of our house. The food is cooked at a professional quality and has always been very liked by our brothers. Frat Food’s service has been outstanding and we have not had any problems with them. For these reasons, I strongly recommend Frat Food for service.


Trevor Koppel

Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity –UC Berkeley

Before Frat Food and their fantastic team started working with our chapter, the brothers associated chapter dinners with cheap, mass-produced food, due to prior experiences with other chefs. However, one random day I received an enthusiastic phone call from Frat Food’s Executive Vice President, G.O. Burton, who boasted about how great their food was, and that they’d give our chapter a free tester meal. Two things struck me immediately: firstly, there was free food! Secondly, and more importantly, G.O. displayed to me the incredible, personable customer service that characterizes Frat Food.

Through our semester of using Frat Food, brothers were excited to see the diverse menu each time there was dinner. Surprisingly, the quality and quantity of the food was much greater than its pricing. The food is truly fresh and made with care.

We will definitely be working with Frat Food in the future, so I’m looking forward to the great meals later on!

James Zheng
Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Alpha Chapter President

UCLA Delta Sigma Phi

I highly recommend Frat Food if you want convenient, affordable catering. Frat Food was very accommodating to all of our needs. If we ever had a last minute event with a sorority or a postponed event, they would increase or decrease our rate depending on our needs. All of Frat Food management sincerely wants your house to be satisfied and are willing to deliver your food personally to ensure that you enjoy it.

Jeremy Marcus

University of Southern California - Phi Gamma Delta

Frat Food has exceeded all our expectations this past year. The food has been outstanding and the service even been. The management team is always around to listen to any concerns that we have and make sure that all our needs our met. The food is restaurant quality and not redundant. The chefs are open to suggestions and work with our members to create a menu tailored to our tastes.

Adam Laufner


Texas A&M University- Sigma Chi Fraternity

There is one thing Frat Food and Jenny Craig have in common- they will change your life. After suffering from years of service that lacked enthusiasm and flavor, Frat Food has gone above and beyond our expectations providing incredibly delectable cuisine every college student needs. They provide a variety of different cuisines from Texas BBQ ribs to Mediterranean gyros with fresh hummus. We couldn't be more pleased with the service and quality of food at such an affordable price.

Stephen Janacek


Sigma Nu Texas A&M

After our previous small town catering company was horrendous, our chapter decided to look in a new direction for our fraternity meal plan. Living in College Station limited our options, until we found Frat Food. G.O. was eager and excited to bring his company to Texas and really put effort into making sure each chapter was just as excited as he was. From finding the cooks, to making sure each brother has a delicious meal, Frat Food took care of everything from A to Z. And If I didn't mention already, the food is awesome! Whether Greek ,Chinese, or Mexican; Frat Food made sure to give us a different variety of food each week. If your fraternity is looking for a great way to bring your brothers together while having healthy,delicious meals; Frat Food is the way to go!

Ted Whiteford
Account Manager, Sigma Nu Texas A&M


To whom it may concern:

As the property manager at Theta Xi at USC, I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the food, the professionalism, and the level of organization associated with G.O. and his team.  Although we get amazing quality and variety from them, their prices are extremely competitive.  His team is very reliable and are very timely with their food preparation.

If anyone has any questions or would like to ask any further questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 818-919-0779.



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